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Christian school sports organization, which offers pupils at home the opportunity to participate in competitive sports. Activities include foam boxing and ninja classes, as well as cross country, athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, lacrosse and football.

The men's team finished second in the national tournament after finishing third in the regular season, but fell behind College Heights in a championship game. The men's flag football remained undefeated in 2013 and secured the championship with a 3-0 and a 1-1 victory in the final.

After losing to Immanuel Mission in the regular season, the Lady Warriors defeated Im Emmanuel in the final game of the season and moved into the national tournament, where they defeated them 3-1 to win the NMCAA national championship. The Warriors defeated a tough Gospel of Light team to make it to the finals, where they defeated the bottom-seeded losers of the Gospel-Light bracket 1-0 and 4-2 to win the championship and advance to next year's national tournament.

The varsity flag football team began with a convincing victory over Graceway before suffering a one-point loss to Rio Grande. The boys' flag football remained undefeated throughout the tournament before falling to Paradise in the championship match. North won both games, which is a rare situation for a team with only one senior in the squad. This success is reflected in athletics, where Ms. Crisp works as an athletics coach under Earl Crisp.

For 11 years, Ms. Crisp has also taught the Fitness Training Junior - Senior Seminar and has been a class godmother several times.

This season, Coach Crisp is bringing back her former team, the football team of Albuquerque High School. The 1990 team and the last team in 2000 finished seventh in 1995 and finished in the top 25 nine times. She attended Albuquerque and is proud to be a member of one of the most successful high school football teams in New Mexico history. I'm proud of who I was and grateful to have been part of such a great team with such great coaches and great players.

She won three national championships in basketball under the late basketball coach Robert Adams and was honored as NM player of the year. The Laguna Acoma Cross Country team secured the first place in the state with an 11-1 record for the first time in school history. The Lady Warrios have won the title in New Mexico State Cross Country the last two years, their second in three years and their third in four years.

Aztec-Gymnasium has won a state title for the first time in the history of the school and qualified for the state tournament. She finished third at the 1970 State Tournament and in the year she led the team to its first national cross country championship, she was the defensive coordinator for the football team.

She immediately built Bayfield High School into one of the biggest programs in Four Corners, starting with just eight rings. When she left Aztec High School, she was ranked third in wrestling history in New Mexico and second in state history. She is one of only four coaches to win a national championship every year since the 1990s, according to the National Wrestling Federation.

The facility brings the community together to get out and about, whether for sporting or just for fun. Other amenities include a running track, basketball court, tennis courts, volleyball courts and volleyball court. There are also green stationery and outdoor fitness equipment, as well as a fitness center with pool, gym, changing rooms and other amenities.

Visitors can get to know the local theatre scene and there are also opportunities to explore the artistic expression of the region. Outdoor activities are part of Farmington New Mexico's mission to bring cultural and historical treasures to our region and the cultural heritage of our community to visitors from around the world.

The Mad Hatter School of Music is a full-time music education program for elementary and middle school students. This program offers 2-hour courses once a week for 34 to 36 weeks of the school year, with 2 to 3 hours of extracurricular activities.

Sports and arts programs at school offer long-term benefits by taking children out of the home, socializing, and developing their skills and abilities in sports, arts, and crafts. Our Open Gym policy allows leagues, programs and rentals to be performed in our sports hall, including volleyball, basketball, football, lacrosse, baseball, softball, athletics, gymnastics, golf, tennis, volleyball and football.

Navajo Prep's teachers and staff believe in establishing and maintaining a tradition of winning as a principle. From 1991 to 2001, Aztec High School was ranked fifth nationally in wrestling programs by the American Wrestling Association (AWA) and the National Wrestling Federation (NWF).

Libby Allen was named the tournament's MVP and her team was named the winner of the New Mexico State High School Wrestling Championship. LibbyAllen received the honor in 2016 as MVP at the Navajo Prep Wrestling tournament in Farmington, N.M. Teams of the tournament have been nominated for the National Wrestling Federation and the Navajo State Wrestling Championship.

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