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Farmington, New Mexico, is known as a place where active families and outdoor lovers thrive, and offers a variety of long-standing annual events that fascinate both locals and visitors. The city attracts riders who engage in mountain biking, motocross, cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities. Cycling is a year-round business in Farmington, as the city's two interconnected lakes, the San Juan River and the Rio Grande River, are the hub of the scene. This diverse landscape attracts motorised activities and offers scenic areas where endurance, ATV and motorised cross riders can improve their skills. This landscape is not only ideal for mountain bikers, but also offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Popular Chokecherry Canyon and Brown Springs are recreational areas that boast 19,000 acres of public land. This scenic course is one of the most popular golf courses in the state of New Mexico and has always been a favorite of regional golfers. The 9-hole course is equipped with footgolf and is therefore a good option for families with small children. If you need a leisurely group activity, you can also shoot a round of discgolf at Farmington Disc Golf Club.

Enjoy the wilderness at Farmington National Wildlife Refuge, a 1,000-acre wilderness area with a variety of hiking, fishing, camping and camping activities.

Farmington is located south of the Colorado border and surrounded by land owned by Pueblitos Dinetah, the largest indigenous community in the state of New Mexico. The event is free and features hundreds of traditional fairy lights along the paths in Mountain Park and along the Animas River. Farminton is surrounded by rolling desert hills that extend into the city and is protected and managed by P Colorado National Wildlife Refuge, a 1,000-acre wilderness area with a variety of hiking, fishing, camping and camping opportunities. In addition to the park and wildlife shelter, it also includes a two-level community center, community gardens and a museum, as well as a public library and museum.

Whitewater rafting is prominent, rafters and river outfitters are pouring in from Durango, and slow stretches on the water are ideal for inflatable rafting.

The Animas River Whitewater Park has been an important addition to the popular river that runs through the city in recent years, providing man-made waves. The centre offers wildlife and bird watching stations as well as a variety of year-round programs and events dedicated to the local flora and fauna.

Animas River Whitewater Park is located in the south of the city, just blocks from the Farmington New Mexico Convention and Visitor Center. Halloween events for adults and children on 31 October and 2 November and Halloween for children on 4 November.

A long tradition, which goes back to 1985, is the journey through the Living Navajo Nativity Scene presented by Navajo Ministries. This year's Nativity Scene is on Friday 21 December and the museum's exhibition programme will include a live presentation of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and his journey to earth. The event has expanded to include live music and people in costumes, providing fun for all ages.

If you list your DJ company on and get more leads, you have a chance to attend the Farmington New Mexico Music Festival on Saturday, December 21.

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New Mexico was a major player in the 2014 national effort, with 37 New Mexico companies participating. In addition to the above, more than 35 companies and service organizations participated in an all-day exhibition-style fair held in Cuba and New Mexico. More than 1,000 exhibitors from over 60 countries and over 100 companies took part in events ranging from workshop tours, presentations and workshops. Other events before and after the factory tour included a panel discussion on "Innovating Cuba" with MEP - moderated panel discussions on Cuba, Cuba's economy, the Cuban Revolution and the U.S. government.

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