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The New Mexico Arts Commission has approved the creation of the Farmington MainStreet Districts, a new economic development initiative for the city of Farmton. It is one that emphasizes the culture of the region through art, goods, performance and workshops. The Main Street District and its affiliated Main Street Districts work with the state to help affiliated local organizations create an economically viable business environment while preserving cultural and historical resources. It currently serves as the main business district for Farmtown and the other Main Street districts in the county.

If you are an artist in San Juan County, NM and would like to attend or direct these events, please contact us. In addition to the two annual Society-sponsored exhibitions, members are encouraged to participate in other regional exhibitions, including the annual Farmington New Mexico Art Show and the Farmton Art Festival. If you want something we can add to our list of activities in and around FarmINGTON, NewMexico, then it's up to you.

In addition to the art classes, you can wander through our two art galleries, attend artist talks, attend the art festival, support public art projects, and assist in the efforts of the Farmington New Mexico Art Society to support public art projects. Courses and workshops are an adventure that focuses on the beauty of the New Mexico landscape. Experience the rich history of the culture of this area through travelling exhibitions, lectures, workshops, events and much more.

US 64 leads from Farmington westward to the town of Shiprock on US 64 and trembles an interesting postal gallery with Navajo rugs. This article also covers some of the attractions associated with the nearest museum in rural northwest New Mexico.

What I love about this place is that it's only an hour's drive south and there are many great restaurants in Farmington, such as Sparky's, a local restaurant. A colouring trip to Plein Air Painters will take you here and a delicious meal awaits you at SparkY'S. About 40 minutes away

In the lobby, on the first and fifth floors, you can admire the works of leading New Mexico artists, including John Rolston, Ruthling Hahn and others. The original works of these New Mexican artists adorn the walls of the Farmington Museum of Art, the largest museum in the United States and one of the few of its kind.

The newly opened museum features weaving, jewelry, pottery and folk art by local artists such as Ruthling Hahn, John Rolston and others, as well as the work of the Roswell Fine Arts League. The project is partially funded by the New Mexico Arts and Cultural Districts Program, the state agency for arts and cultural development. Co-op Galleries are sponsored by Roswell's Fine Arts League to highlight, promote and communicate art experiences for the community. Arts, cultural and art education programmes as well as the arts and cultural districts The program is a partnership between several state and private entities, including the Department of Arts, Cultural Affairs, the State Department of Economic Development, New Mexicans for New York State and the New Mexican Arts.

Four Corners Harley - Davidson, which offers art, music, food and entertainment as well as a live music performance. For over 6 decades, XRANM has been bringing the best and most revolutionary diagnostics and radiology to the state's patients. We strive to bring the good of radiology to New Mexico from all states, with expertly crafted opinions and the highest level of patient care. In addition to introducing new technologies that raise the bar, we are also offering our patients state-of-the-art imaging for the first time to introduce new technologies to the medical community.

What we love most about New Mexico is the soothing open landscape, the feeling you get when driving along Bishops Lodge Road on the Tesuque River, the horse crossing signs that indicate possible encounters with horses, and the friendships that have been made here among kindred creative souls. There is Navajo weaving art, Navajo music and Navajo art, but what New Mexicans say makes their state special is its rich history, culture, arts and crafts, history of the Navajo nation and its people.

I always feel at home and have certain inspirations, but what makes New Mexico special for me is the nature and the opportunity to work with cattle, hike, camp, fish, hunt and fish. I'm from the north where we have both ends of the Rocky Mountains, so I fit in with New Mexico, and I've always been inspired by that. What makes it special for me is the natural beauty, the mountains and the open spaces, as well as the history and culture.

Bev Taylor is a member of the Farmington New Mexico Art Society and a PhD student at the University of Arizona. She teaches courses on creative processes and leads workshops on women and secrets, and her work is exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Albuquerque, as well as in New York City and Los Angeles.

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